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Replaced plugs wires cap roter now coil still no spark
first time this broke it only had 52000 miles on it just breaks one tooth off stops running dead
I have just replaced Rotor, cap, plug wires, & plugs. Helped a little, but not enough.
problem just occured yesterday, idles at about 800 rpms ROUGH!! when put in gear. it will try to run but then dies, when i manipulate the throttle manually wide open or half it runs fine but as soon as i let go it ...
I towed it back home to run some test. Long story short it has good fuel pressure, and good spark. It will also crank over just fine but I cant get it to start, even with starter fluid. Im baffled? Please help
The heater screw is loose and dangling. There is a bolt located directly below the heater core - it takes an L wrench (allen key) but will not move. Do i need to loosen this lower bolt? - if so, how?
when the transmission is removed how is the slave replace
his name isn't rookie it's rawketstarling