Changed air filter and mass air flow sensor and it still idles too high

cold start = no power, rough running for 1-2 minutes until warms. must allow to warm before can move and have engine respond to accelerator.

This is a 1994 model with a 6 cylinder engine, air cond', and a standard transmission.It appears that the head on that side will have to be removed to get the water pump out. Thanks Ben

week. was told to clean wires on starter. thats what computer came up with. checked for fuel and spark and have both. new battery so cranks fine.

Coil, plugs,fuel pump,

Replaced plugs wires cap roter now coil still no spark

first time this broke it only had 52000 miles on it just breaks one tooth off stops running dead

I have just replaced Rotor, cap, plug wires, & plugs. Helped a little, but not enough.

problem just occured yesterday, idles at about 800 rpms ROUGH!! when put in gear. it will try to run but then dies, when i manipulate the throttle manually wide open or half it runs fine but as soon as i let go it will putter out and die if i keep my foot steady on the throttle at 2000rpm it seems to run fine but again when i let off to put it in gear and try to drive it just dies. ( abs and emergency brake light on )