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I've followed all advise and YouTube videos. I'm very mechanically inclined but that hydraulic fitting will not separate so I can "burp" my lines!!
i don't think the oil pump is pumping could it be a broke shaft going to the pump?
It's a 5 speed and when you go to start it the starter just clicks. I've replaced the starter, checked the starter relay. Checked my grounds. Please help me
I have put 5 batteries in my truck 3 brand new ones. Alternator has been checked it's good. I don't know what could causing my batteries to be drained so quickly. Please help
Check your speedometer connection to the trans..it is connected to the ABS computer and will shut down the engine to idle even at 65 mph!! I was in the middle lane when this happened..replaced the cable and nothing to...
turn signals and flasher don't work
i changed the MAP thing did not change4 a thing.i have 4 cyc mazda 2000 b2500
When u turn the key the engine will turn over but not start, but if I press the gas pedal while doing so it starts BUT if I immediately let off the gas pedal it will just die again. I have to turn the key while pressi...
cost to replace the clutch
ignition seems to work fine engine light in dash comes on when key is turned on as it is supposed to. sprayed starter fluid into intake and even with spark at the plugs still does not start. timing belt was replaced f...
lack of power and jerking when accelarating?
When I am idling and in gear, and I have my A/C and/or headlights on, my battery gauge dips to almost out of the normal range. I had just replaced the battery and this is still happening. What could be the cause?
when I put some gas to my car the needle doesn't move just a bit and them go back; At first move erratic up and down never stable like must of the car but now no matter how much I put it stay down. Thank YOU