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After I drive for a couple of minutes they start working. Also the door ajar light and the dome light stays on but will also go out after I drive the truck down the road. These problems are becoming more consistent.
Had smoke coming from behind the timing cover. Temp gage never read hot. Oil is not milky color.
4th time in 2 months. when the clutch is pressed, key turned, nothing happens except the dash lights and sounds . #1 sears said battery cables were loose. #2 mazda replaced terminals and soldered cables to terminals. ...
I'm looking for the average span of time to do the repairs.
like it started but then immediately starts coughing and sputtering while I work the gas pedal trying to keep it from dyeing. After full minute or more of coughing, shaking, sputtering the engine suddenly starts revv...
what would cause it to run fullboard while shifting gears
Can't find the relay switch for my 1999 mazda B2500 pick up
and is hard to start and goes dead when the gas peddle is mashed
The truck cranks,it wont start it has sparks. It seems all the problems are similar and changing fuel pump, crankshaft sensor, coils, fuel filter does not fix the no start problem. compression ok. there are no codes ....
my lights are only lit up in center of my dash,both sides are going out.do I have to take dash out and replace a bulb or can I fix it without doing that?
need to remove and see plunger is stuck. failed emission test
how to adjust valve on 99 masda B2500
My truck broke down, i had it towed to repair shop, they informed me that the timing belt broke, but they could have it replaced the next day for approx $800. Is that about the normal cost for this job?