where is fuse for bright lights

Is there a common fix? Could it be related to my cruise control not working? The door ajar signal keeps going on and off at intervals also. Any clues to fix? Thanks

When the key is in the lock position, the key is out and the accessories stay on. It also has drained the battery. To test the ignition key we have the attach jumper cables to power the truck. I have also changed the switch/commutateur interruptor. When I turn the key, it moves freely without clicks. The truck is a standard and the clutch has to be depressed when trying to start. Still no crank. Could the gear behind the key lock cylinder have broken? Help?

like every 20 minutes or so and last forever?

Cleaned mass sensor, double platinum plugs, air filter runs better but still missing

Platinum plugs and air filter still missing

Is there a freeze plug behind the motor.

from outside and that's even with taking kiddie lock off

I am trying to repair back door as wont open have removed inside cover of door but still cannot see how to fix this this vehicle was a prison vehicle and as you turned key on automatically locked back doors

I can pump the brakes up with engine off and the brakes work for about ten time then will go to the floor again.

Will fit in it ? Ivan get my hands on an 02 Nissan nivara ??