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I have replaced the battery and the starter an still nothing. I was told it might be a fuse bt I can't find it anywhere in any auto part store.
Transmision will not engage after car has warmed up, could this be a sensor malfunction or do I need to replace my transmission?
My headlights do not come on at all. I believe there may be a short in the wiring or something but I am hoping it may not be something too serious that may be costly. I had the bulbs changed with exact same, new bulbs...
problem occurs during ruff roads and sway at average speed
how do you change the timing belt on a 1993 V6 mazda 929
Como cambió la correa del aire acondicionado, el caso es que la cambio el mecanico y el motor mueve la carroceria como navegandopor favor me informa si es necesario sincronizar o que puede ser
How to take out the rear speakers?