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I got my car from up North and the car currently is tuned for Heater and A/C doesnt work. The previous owner told me gave me a relay "GD7B-67-730" and told the service station should help me to put it and A/C will wor...
My car shutters when stopped at a red light. It shutters all the time but really bad when the air conditioner is running. It also seems to hesitate a lot when pulling off.
I changed office tube vaccumed system down and charged the system it was blowing perfect then shout out freon wasn't over filled so I changed compressor and the guy bought a used dryer from pull a part I installed it ...
My gear shaft caught fire..now its all burn up right in the center where I change gears..it may have been faulty wiring cause I did buy it used.. I would like to know what it cost to replace this Thanks
The engine light has flashed but never stays on. It drives really rough. Any ideas?
This just started after I put some gas in it on yesterday. Steam is also coming from my car. I put water in it to make sure the heat gauge stays down. I also notice this: when I would turn the vent to heat I would not...
almost like a misfire ,but runs perfect on road,I just put in plugs and cleaned injection
I was told that egr is causes that,Ijust had fuel injection cleaned,tune up,just can't get idle to stop variating.also still have egr code,should I replace it?
I still here a sound on the drivers side like the cv axle what else could be wrong
also my cystitis converter turns red hot at times whats causes this problem and how can i fix this
brakelines rusted so that leaking is occuring and there is a big loss of brake fluid.Need approx cost to replace
Hi everyone! Can you tell me what this code means, where the sensor is located, and how it affects the running of the engine? I would appreciate any feedback I get.
I am looking for the location of the EGR valve - it has a 2.5 motor, 6 cyl. If anyone could help, I would be most appreciative. Thanks in advance!!!
i have a '00 mazda 626 lx, automatic 4cylinder, 2.0L engine, my problem is in the past few months i've replaced the following parts on my car: cooling/fan assembly, thermostat, radiator, radiator hoses, my water pump ...