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Honda Odyssey Manual Sliding Door Issues

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Manual sliding doors will stick or not open easily due to the door seal sealing too well. Sometimes this can cause the door handle to break when trying to open the door. Replacing the door seal with an updated seal from Honda will repair this issue.

Both my manual sliding doors get stuck, that is , dont open when doors are unlocked. And when you centrally lock them, they don't lock, unless you manually lock them. On more than two times, one of the doors have swung open when I was driving with my kids. -
Manual sliding doors are insanely hard to open. My kids have to press their feet from the inside to get seal to release. Almost impossible to open from the outside many days. Very serious safety issue. Honda should resolve this as it is very common. -
We bought this van with 125,000 miles on it a year and half ago, and the doors have been a constant issue. I live in the Buffalo, NY area and with that comes cold weather. When it gets real cold here, the doors freeze. Also, sometimes the doors will not close all the way when you pull on the handle and let the motors work. Lastly, the wheels on the tracks will wear out after awhile and will need to be replaced. The doors will begin to get cut up the body and cause scratches. If you do your research on the internet, you will find a way to get rollers and clips from a hardware store for a few cents a piece and fix the problem yourself avoiding expensive repairs. My brother-in-law and I both own "Odyies" and we did this repair. -
Occasionally the seal sticks, this did lead to a broken outside handle on the slider. -
manual sliding doors getting stuck all the time just cuz me a door handle... -
Rear (manual) sliding doors stick -
Silicon on the door frame molding. Honda could replace with updated molding and what will also fix the problem, but cost $$. -
Manual Sliding door won't open. -
My kids would have to be inside the van and give a shoulder shove to "unstick" the door. I have broken 2 door handles on the manual sliding doors due to the "sticking issue". The replacement handle run 100.00 a piece. Not good. -
The Driver sliding door is stuck. It won't open. I had to take the door apart to get it open to replace the bottom door seal. In the mean time, the lock on the inside I believe is broken and the actuator will only work part of the time. I don't know how to fix it. -
This has been a problem with the van from day one. I've tried silicone on the door seals, cleaning the track, etc. to no avail. I've broken a door handle trying to open it. Don't pay $100 for a new handle, they are <$20 on ebay. -
Manually Sliding doors hard to open -
Same problem -
Electric lock no longer works on sliding door behind driver, has been issue for long time More recently, the door doesnt open without extreme difficulty and there's a mechanism inside the door that runs along side the van exterior and is scratching the paint -
As described by the masses. -
sliding door switch seals torn dealer states switches need to be replaced since honda does not offer switch seals alone, approx. $250 per door according to dealer just for parts, seems steep -
Both manuel sliding doors on Honda van get stuck or suctioned after it has rained or cold weather and cannot get them open for a few days. -
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