Checked parking brake and it is fully released. Light will come on while braking and when you get off brake pedal the light goes out. I has done this 4 times in the last two days.

The car appears to be running fine. However the light continues to be displayed prior to this event it has come on and then suddenly goes off!

Fan doesn't come on and car runs hot. New thermostat and hoses replacing water pump next.

The car runs smoother at a higher speed even if AC is on

No heater, blower works, but no heat comes out in any position or selection

Lincoln town car

the driver's side wiper arm won't rotate properly, keeps hitting the other wiper arm

Automatic AC & heat thermostat control. When set lower than anbient temp will blow hot air. Maybe start out on floor or defrost and slowly go to dash or flow, wherever it wants to go. Finally blows cold sometimes. When starting the next time we go through the same. Then when taken off the automatic and requesting cooler will blow hot to wherever it wants to then if it wants to move to the dash. If this is its little computer, where is it and can I change something?

Put key in ignition seat, mirrors and such will sometimes not set for driver. When it does this the door locks and seat positioning will not work. How do I fix this problem?