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Only happens the first thing in the morning. No indicator lights on. Happens every 3 out of 5 days
I bought the car used and air does not come out of the center vent, for folks in back seat.
I have had my right side front and rear mats wet. Don't know where the water come from. My coolant is not low.
I have removed the radiator shield and the three screws that hold the assembly cannot get the assembly to release, seems that it is still being held by something?
It doesn't run hot all the time mostly when my air conditioner start blowin hot
The car has always been well maintained. However, about 2yrs ago water started to accumulate in the rear foot well on the pass side. the water comes weather rain or shine. about every four months the water will acc...
Once I put in gear it stops. Only seems to make the noise in idle. Also when turning left my steering hangs up as if the power steering is going out. Added power steering fluid but still hangs up.
I have turned engine off and recranked but it is still running.