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Is there a way to replace the boot without taking the whole shift lever and o/d cable apart?
Tried pushing all the buttons several times with no results. Pulled the number nine fuse and the lights remain on. Have to disconnect the battery to keep the lights from running down the battery. Any suggestions would...
The wipers were wacky going on and off as soon as I turned the car on. The motor was replaced and it happened again. The mechanic said if it happens again I should take it somewhere for a check on the electrical wirin...
I tore the insulation while driving over a small branch.
At first i thought it was from the rain but its not raining now and every morning there is a new puddle. what is the problem?
I must depress the turn on switch on the steering wheel 20-30 times in order for it to turn on. Once it is finally turned on the cruse control engages and works properly. I assume there is a pick of a relay to activa...
when my air is on and running no water is coming out under car but plenty is coming into car on back floor. where is drain line located?
My 1999 Lincoln town car A/c blows cold air flow thru the vents But like it should be much stronger
The pull strap on the drivers side front door is loose. How do I get at the screws to tighten them without destroying the plastic caps that cover them?
Reverse parking assist no longer is working. How should I diagnose problem?