This is the first time it did this

My 2004 Lincoln Town Car engine light came on reading p0355. How do I find which coil it is that's the problem?

Indicates the motor hot but not boiling over. New thermostat no help 2004 Lincoln. Jaquqar engine.

Driver's seat does not adjust forward or backwards. Motor gear grinds when you first start. I was told there are three separate motors, all part of one piece, including the seat itself. Can the motor be repaired or do I need to replace the entire seat?

After turning on turn signal and apply brake the dash lights starts flashing.

mech. says the alighnment is within specs

we have hosed the car and no visual sign. we have also pulled the seats and carpet out. I can see a water trail that looks to be comming from the dash by the a/c evap. The water drips out of the weep hole on the outside when it is sitting still, but don't know where it goes while moving.

Still works but can't press because it has pushed up inside!

Sound system buttons do not illuminate, 10 min off feature not working; rear defroster does not appear to be working; driver's door mirror when attempted to adjust pointed toward ground & car; required manual adjustment; doors do not lock when transmission put in drive; driver's heated seat button supposed to have low & high settings-seems to be stuck in high position; front defrost is out. Thanks.