Car leaks when raining on passenger side under dash. Think cabin air filter case is stopped up and won't drain

It just happened out of nowhere my signals and tail lights still work. I need help.

I know I need a starter but I just need to jump start the starter so I can drive it home

I have a 2003 Lincoln Town Car Signature. It has the Alpine Audiophile system. The cassette works, the cd player works. The radio turns on and off. The volume control works perfectly. Everything works great except I can get NO stations on the AM or the FM bands...only static. As best as I can tell the grid on the back window is in tact and the the antenna is connected to glass and connectors locked. It's not a necessity but I'd like to have a functioning radio...lol. Any suggestions as to what I can do to fix this?

cost to replace pulley

Happening since rainy hot weather, lights clock and everything e,she work great

I have had this problem for 2yrs now.
My trunk is being closed down with bongie

I put a new battery in and started it up and after a minute it sied and when I went to restart it all I got was a cranking sound and now dead

There is a variation of around 100 RPM constantly, after the engine get in normal idle conditions, so at night you can notice how lights goes up and down too.
I used an scanner and get not codes, change spark plugs and coils too.
I took the car to a shop and they check for air leaks too, nothing found...
Any idea of what could be?

It was working fine then quit but would come on after 5-6 min. and continue cooling. The clutch relay was replaced and now it doesn't cool at all.

battery light came on- I added water to battery- battery light came back on - next day no light is on but I went to auto zone who said battery and alternator are ok, but I am worried about driving it