It has the issue resembling a bad alternator but ran a check and the alternator is fine. The car will run on a brand new fully charged battery and after awhile the headlights would go Dem then moments later the car will completely go dead and will need a jump to cut back on.

How can I make another version of the keys? The keys & the remote controller

Why is my TC and ABS lights on continually?

This happens quite frequently.

problem occurs at light acceleration and stops when you let off or when you accelerate more.

Which has been installed . Still having problem. Please advise

I replaced fuses lasted for two weeks then it quit again and now replacing fuses inside car did not fix it still wont blow on high or low or air or heat

Lincoln town car 4.6 engine & replacing it with my new whole fan assembly ?

Just replaced brakes and rotors and the pulsating feel is still there when braking. Could it be the calipers because they are dual piston on each wheel? Thanks in advance for the help!

where is the receiver for the remote transmitters.

Why is it that my milage per gallon cant go beyond 7/7.5, despitevthe fact that i have changed the airflow meter the problem still persist.pls what can i do to get out of this problem,it is becoming uneconomical.

I changed the blower module but still nothing. The blower has come on once in a while before I changed this. The system is complicated with climate control so I am thinking the temperature is not registering somewhere to turn on the blower?