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Just replaced brakes and rotors and the pulsating feel is still there when braking. Could it be the calipers because they are dual piston on each wheel? Thanks in advance for the help!
Why is it that my milage per gallon cant go beyond 7/7.5, despitevthe fact that i have changed the airflow meter the problem still persist.pls what can i do to get out of this problem,it is becoming uneconomical.
I changed the blower module but still nothing. The blower has come on once in a while before I changed this. The system is complicated with climate control so I am thinking the temperature is not registering somewhere...
I have been to two repair shops and one glass shop and the only clear answer I got was that it was not a glass seal problem. I cannot see the water coming in while raining but it is somewhere behind glove box. I have...
when slight acceleration, engine cuts out. Does not matter if going slow and accelerate, or accelerating on the highway. But, it does not cut out, if cruise control is on. this is a 2002 Lincoln Town Car Signature, 62...
My mechanic said it was stripped but had bought a repair kit..change all the coils..but they still are popping out.then he said it Could be my fuel pump going out.also because the car shut off when it's started
My cooling fan does not turn
Which fuse do I switch out for cooling fan?