2001 Lincoln Town Car Questions

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I'm hoping the motor didn't go out an how would I know

Over. The fuse and gas pump shutoff are fine????

now battery keeps going dead. What would be causing the battery to go dead?

Just because one of my spark plugs has gone bad, does that really constitute an entire new set? And what about the wires?

My back won't lift up

The dash has a 5 one second tones. Then 3 second pause then repeats 4 more time. Every 30 min or so

ignition and can't be removed or turned.The steering wheel will not move at all.

when I bought the car was told it needed some kind of bearings don't remember what it was drives great but then all of a sudden it just starts swaying to the left

I have 2001 model Lincoln Town Car with 4.6L engine. It shows error codes P0302 and P0401. I know little about cars. Please help me find out what is going on and how to fix it. Thanks in advance for your answers!

What does CDDJ mean?

Electric trunk latch doesn't work. Can I access it under the hood of my car?

I replaced both brake switches and nothing changed

off pressure

2001 Lincoln Towncar heater blower fan does not shut off. Stays on even when shutting off on display. Any ideas?