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Started running loud and bad and oil light was coming on and going off what could have happenef?
Radiator will not hold any water or antifreeze. Still cranks and drives fine. Scared it is a blown head gasket. Please help!
Overdrive button works on/off when car is off but when car is turned of light flashes O/D off. Checked the tranny fluid and fuses they are good.
My car cranks but does not start. Cartier series of T/Car. I put gas dryer in d/t snow conditions. One day I try it and it starts up, the next not. I changed fuel filter as it was cheapest/easiest. 1. Is there a fuse ...
and when it do the car hesitates to drive cuts off . but this only occurs when the trac light comes on
Need new breaks
Is there someway to attach the lid to the door. The catches are broken and the lid will not stay on when you close the door?