2000 Lincoln Town Car Questions

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The car front end sits low and leans to the right. Whats wrong

I thought it was out of power steering fluid but it'd not and it's a loud sqieeking noise when I turn the wheel back and forth

There is a small motor running on the driver's side under the hood. It is enclosed. This motor turns on and off intermittently. Even when the car is not running. I know it's not my fan. I don't know what it is for.. The box it is in is part of the car. I can't see it but it is kind of loud.

The car starts and drives for short time in the rain until something get wet what could be getting wet to cause this

Drove to store. Came out nothing no interior light no power at all.

I'm also getting three other codes -U1009-U1027-U1059-and it wont start but runs great with starting fluid any ideals why?

it doesn't do it when going down the road and has good power

So it was working on Friday and not at all monday. It blows hot air, or more likely it's just blowing outside air, but feels warmer. Only thing I think to look for is of the "compressor" , I think, is spinning when in use. It's not however. While car is off I am able to move it myself, so it's not stuck. Could this be a fuse or something? Am I most likely to replace the whole compressor?

Our front wheels randomly "catch" when making turns, and occasionally feel like they're slipping around on balls when on a straightaway or sharp turn. It's all literally random, but is getting to be increasingly more common.

Steering lower shaft inspected not frozen.Power steering pump has been replaced.

It looks like something is leaking but I had it looked at and they said the brakes were ok? What could the fluid be from? It was not there when I bought the car The wheel or rims seem to be getting more covered with it.
What else might it be? Would they have been mistaken at the repair place.