Hy, I hawe 1999 Lincoln town car limo. Motor control (computer) write error message 602. What it means? The car works, but sometimes send error massage "rich mixtures". Thanks answer. Gabor Dobos from Hungary

I'm in the process of replacing the intake manifold. This seems to block the removal.

Door binds against front fender, scraping off paint each time door is opened.

coloum shifter

When turning key to crank engine, it turns over strongly; however it won't catch everytime unless I change positions of the steering column adjustment, I think there is 4 different positions to choose from so I go one one to the other until engine catches.

I put it together than filled it.

What can cause the this to happen? Could it be fan or blower module? I do hear a faint click like it wants to come on but it doesnt.

the car is super low and bounces so much it is almost impossible to drive. Air suspension light comes on sometimes. Sometimes when car is warm it goes up

Low Lincoln in Cali
1999 Lincoln Town Car

Had the idler arm replaced. Mechanic says it may be something in the axle.

when it gets to about 45 mph, this is when it happens