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Oil stick does not show shortage; Stays between min & max. Had the gear box replaced 2 mos. ago; could this have caused the power steering reservoir to leak?
turned off switch disconnected battery is there a valve or fuse that will let the car level its self
The Ford shop that replaced the gear box said they check the steering column u joint also. I Should I get a 2nd opinion from a different shop? What else could be wrong?
My gas gauge is not working even with a full tank it reads empty and I looked under my the other day and now there are three wires hanging from my car by the gas tank and now I have to turn my key to crank it ,it turn...
Now my tracing active light has started flashing to and now can't drive faster then 40mph. why?
With the tracing on or off it permits me to only35 or 40 mph need to disable it or by pass.how can I do it
Have new tires, wheel alignment, upper & lower ball joints, rear shocks, power steering flush, gear box, power steering lines, idler & pitman arms; what to do next?