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For example I would have the car in park and start it up and just turn the wheel and it'll shit off just that quick
just bought old car but good one 49000 miles wouldn't start put a fuel pump on running great, one problem,,driving down the road every few miles it makes a noise like we are running over lines in the road...the kind t...
I have checked all the fuses inside the car. I have removed some of the dash. Is there any way to stop the heat from coming on.
Brakes work OK for a while, then pedal gets soft & brake light comes on, reservoir is low. Add fluid, get pressure back in brake pedal, works OK for a while. Looking at brakes on all 4 wheels, there is no apparent l...
Shuts off and hasnt ran since fuel pump sounds weak no fire in the wire or pump fire in the relay cluster doesn't work fuse is good when I turn on high beams left headlight goes out.. any advice
I just bought this car and found the wipers not working, I thought easy enough it's probably a fuse. Fuses were good and there is no power at the fuse block. What usually causes no power to the fuse block?
My car started fine but wouldn't come out of park. I try jigglING it. Stated and stoped the engine a few times then it wouldn't start. Since then I replaced the brake pedal switch and it comes out of park now. But sti...
I have changed the thermostat, water pump, radiator cap and has plenty of antifreeze.... the hose running to the engine by the radiator is swelling up and then it runs hot... the air inside the car starts to go hot be...
checked tank for leak or crack seam nothing..air vent is open..
work good for awhile then high goes then they start freezing up half way...Shut car off they start working again but no high,then nothing after awhile?????
Theres 5 relays and the third one is always burn up on me. When it burn the car doesnt start..i was thinkn it was the power relay but i dont know..
It has a lot of slack in the steering wheel
I have no problem with my car then one day Iwas putting gas and turned off my car and when I turn the car back on I heard a loud popping noise and smoking coming from my engine so I left it up the hood and I could tel...
the break light in the window is working, the ones sits on the trunk are not working