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the car will start every time but not the first time you crank the engine. the fuel pump is not coming on. when you turn the key off and the back on it starts and run fine. But when you shut it off for a hour or more it does the same thing. I took the gas cap off to i could verify the pump was not running. the fuel pump and pcm. were replaced. any help would be great.

how do I replace the high pressure power steering line on a 1997 Lincoln Town car

side passenger air bag makes clicking noise

I have a 97 Linc Town car, it has 140,000 miles on it. Last week it hesitated to start (turned over like 3-4 times then started). Yesterday (3/28/16), on the first start up of the day I put the key in turned it to the start position, and nothing happened, no noises, nothing. I put the key (ignition) back in the off position, and tried again, and it started right up. The same exact thing happened today (3/29/16). I had my battery checked and it was fine (12.5). If i let the car sit for too long, like from mid morning until the following around 7:30am, I have this issue. Also the belt has been chirping (Dayco), and appears to be slightly misaligned, as there is a slight wobble coming off the idle pulley to the alternator. The belt also seems to have extra play (not much but some), and some wear on one edge. I'm not good with the electrical aspects hence why I am here. My thoughts are Fuel filter, fuel pump, ignition switch, or some relay, all the fuses are intact.

Most of the time, the car will start. Sometimes, it doesn't. No sound. Nothing.

I have a 1997 Lincoln Town Car Limousine. I was working fine but has been sat for
about a year.
I had booked it in for MOT in UK so i can use it. I jumped started the car using my
BMW and left the jump leads connected. the Limo ran for half hour, to operating
temperature so i checked the fluids and turned it off.
I later jump started it again and it started ok, but then suddenly cut out. It cranked but
would not start.
I assumed it needed fuel as it was low.
I put this in and it would not start. I cranked it several times with the BMW as a jump.
then all the power went off. Today i realised it was like a little cylinder thing that had
blew but if i bypass it i can get the ignition lights.

The car now lights up but does not start, if i spray damp start or easy start in the
engine it does fire. so it is not getting fuel.

But it was running fine before and just stopped ? please help !

I spent Tax return trying to get the problem solved. I bought new ball joints, struts n shocks, as well as sway bars. I had a balance rotation and alignment. I drive down the road and let go of the wheel to see how they did. VERY WELL... however; I take the car onto the highway and at 50 it lightly starts to shake, as I increase speed the entire front end of the car starts to shake kind of crazy like. I get off the highway onto just a town road and my alignment is off like crazy and pulling very hard to the left driver side direction. It's definitely a suspension issue but not sure. I asked for assistance from the mechanic to check it out however, they claimed it to just be an alignment issue. HELP!!!

I practically have a new battery, I replaced my alternator, and the starter is just fine. when I put jumper cables on car it will start up no problem, once they are disconnected the dash lights are still on and the battery light as well as the abs light is on then the dash lights shut off seconds later the car shuts off. What could possibly be the problem?

My car had a bad winter! I am disabled & rely heavely on it for transportation. When it is cold, the car started fine but had to keep pushing gas pedal until it warmed up, then ran fine. Today, March 12/15, I started it & the check engine light came on. It was running a bit rough after that,idling rough etc..,( didn't do this until today) then, I took it to Autozone, & he checked it & said I had a code, P0308, a misfire on cylinder #6. But when I searched this code, nothing found, but on other cars, its does say MISFIRING, so, can I disconnect the battery for 15 minutes, then take it to ADVANCED AUTO parts, & see if they give me the same answer? Being on disability, I wont be able to afford to have it repaired so I am praying it is nothing serious? THANKS FOLKS, & GOD BLESS!!