245,000 miles

Fuel pressure at idle has 40 lbs pressure. After running a while, shuts off. Cool down, starts up again but shuts off.

Had new tires put on car,they didn't turn off air ride

We put new shocks brand new gas tank straps and new air bags or air struts and we can only get one side to cooperate the other side will not fill up with air

car sputters some times at highway speeds but when slowing down or stopping it shuts off. What do I need to look at because it has shut off when turning into oncoming traffic or coming to stop at an intersection.

stalls out while driving slow,but would start back up. this would happen 2 or 3 times a trip.

stalls out while driving slow,but would start back up

Also, when using delay, wipers move about one third of travel, stop for the delay set, then move another third, etc.

Replace most of the front end including arms, bushings, stabilizers, also replaced rear air bag. Reduced noise when turning but even the smallest bump sounds like shaking a tray of silverware under my hood.

drives me crazy also brakes groan to a stop like they are about to fail disks ok pads ok replaced sensors both sides

i have a 1996 lincoln town car eecutive.. replaced the starter last week and put everything back together correctly. battery is like new and again, connected correctly. i tuen the key to the on position and everything works, i turn the key forward to start the car and dash goes black n everything shuts off but comes back on when i go back to the on position. i believe i have a dead short. i couldnt find anything that was grounding out.. im lost. fuses are all fine as well.

Recently had recall repair done on speed control switch. Since then the speedometer began to randomly stop working. I first noticed on a couple of occasions that when I began driving after a complete stop that it took a few seconds for speed to start reading. Yesterday while driving a distance of 30-35 miles speedometer would randomly read 0 then after several minutes it would read correctly but then quickly go back to 0. This happened several times in that one trip.