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it just started happening I haven't been driving my car I took it to a couple shop to get looked at and they are telling me different things so I'm trying to figure out what it could be they say the axle some say the ...
What all has to be removed or repositioned in order to allow the valve cover to be lifted high enough to clear the head assemblies? Spark plug cables? Battery ground cable? Left side Ignition module? What else? I can...
check engine light goes on & off at times also when i make a turn antilock light flash on and off with a sound. the 25 beeps sound above the glovbox??
when it stop runing the headlights went off too. cant get them to come on.
I have a towncar 1994 and I can't find calipers anywhere for it. Is there any that I can put on form a 93 or 95 etc.... Please help
Takes about 2 minutes than no more hesitation
As I drive every time my ac will lose power regardless if blowing or not and blowing will stop when this occurs if blowing. Dash lights will dim and flicker along with head lights battery seems fine as car will usuall...
There are no vacuum leaks, replaced spark plugs, ignition wires and coils.
Can't move it. ABS light on.
disconnected the batt as well as the radio but not recieving any power to car at all