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Checked the relays fuses and emergency cut off can't afford the dealer . My mechanic checked wiring any suggestions?
Want to check for any codes /other issues with a scan tool; Just got car / Not able to find the connector for a scan tool
All air controls only work on high and no there is no A/C. When A/C turned on, loud clicks noises come from under the hood. Is my Freon just low?
I replaced the switch and key. Checked the ground wire. Still not starting. Jumping it nothing. It doesn't make a sound and still have power to the rest of the car. What else can I do?
Does not always occur when I release the accelerator pedal. 170 K miles.
have stopped working. Is this only repairable at a Ford Dealer would it take a long time. The speedometer works.
i have some hoses around the throttle body and valve covers that got broken and i need to know where they go
want to get the strumaster conversion kit. it comes with instructions, everything needed and plan on replacing all 4 shocks and tires.
Have changed throttle-position sensor and made a slight difference at first, but don't think the problem is that. Notice that if I kick it down into passing gear, it will clear up for a short while. Also it will back-...
Ac starts cold then warm then cold, blend door free and seems to work.
Battery is good,connections are good silioned clicks
There is not enough space to get to the mounting bolts, especially the one towards the front. What parts need to be removed to gain access? Can it be accessed from underneath? The car is in mint condition and the o...