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Purchased a Haynes manual,(worthless). I need detailed/better illustration of parts,how they work,troubleshooting,solutions,etc.1989 lincoln towncar. Also good websites that carry/can get parts for the same? Tha...
Replaced water heater hose under manifold head,found several hoses cracked,missing one leading from sidewall.runs rough,first 3gears in take-off,idles high. How do I identify/trace all hoses,parts to vacuum system?...
even when driving the battery will die had alternater and starter checked it tested good but something killing the battery
It wont start if its cold and it shifts at the wrong time and lost alot of power
I installed a new battery. Replaced starter. After I did that it cranked. Parked it at work when I got off it would not crank like the battery was dead. Tried to jump it off and nothing. Checked battery and battery w...
I Just Replaced My at Because All the Acid Came Out The Bat . I Replaced Alterator, Starter Volt Regulator And Bat .Volt Meter Reads 18.5volts with min Load 17.3 With AC And Lights On.
with or without the key when battery cable hooked up engine cranks...was fine and one day went to start and battery was dead...when tried to jump with cables car cranked by itself took battery out and charged now when...
shut off.I waited 20mins it started up again drive 3 mins it shut off again tried to start but never did.
wont release it has a lip or something wont release from differential
I think the alternator needs to be replaced, but would that affect the air bag light?
i have a miss at idle as well as driving speed thanks don
We have replaced every thing we know including the battery and my car will turn over but will not start what could the probtem be