Does my car have front air bags

I recently parked my towncar because I got another vehicle. I changed the fuel filter [1st one ive changed in 6 years] and it ran the same as usual for a month. after it sat for a week I started it to let it run for a few mins and it died within 5-10 mins. it will not start again. I checked the fuel fuses and relays I disconnected when replacing the filter and their plugged in good. the fuel pump makes the normal sound when it comes on when I turn the key once before starting. it seems its not getting fuel or spark. thanks in advance

engine misses at idle and more when ac is on

I actually have a 1989 model year. The instructions on the fan shroud says disconnect the spout connector, set timing, then re-connect it, I can't and don't know where to find the connector to properly time engine.

while driving the car the car won't shift into gear

Who would you recommend in Midland MI to diagnose and perhaps repair the transmission on my 1990 Lincoln TC. It (the clutch?) is slipping particularly in the overdrive position. To my knowledge the transmission has never been serviced. The car just turned 100,000 miles and is excellant condition.

They say that's the reason it won't

Purchased a Haynes manual,(worthless).
I need detailed/better illustration of parts,how they work,troubleshooting,solutions,etc.1989 lincoln towncar.
Also good websites that carry/can get parts for the same?
Thank you,for any,all replies.

Replaced water heater hose under manifold head,found several hoses cracked,missing one leading from sidewall.runs rough,first 3gears in take-off,idles high.
How do I identify/trace all hoses,parts to vacuum system?
How to idle down ?

even when driving the battery will die had alternater and starter checked it tested good but something killing the battery

It wont start if its cold and it shifts at the wrong time and lost alot of power