2008 Lincoln Navigator Questions

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My ac will not go low or allow me to adjust the fan up or down nor will it cut off.

I was having problems with the gear shifter not working, I took it to the dealership and they said it was the brake light fuse.

Blower blows on high when you try to turn it off. Engine light on and lift gate closes on it's own in cold weather.

Wiper fluid works and rear end works

scaned it and bank 4 misfired

I recently had 3 sensors burn up and the mechanic recommended going to the dealership?

I am currently looking at upgrading from a mini-van to a Lincoln Navigator, Ford Expedition, etc. Found a nice Navigator 2008 with 113,000 miles on it. My husband says the miles are to high for a car that age, my friends are telling me the repairs are costly and will make me regret my decision and the gas mileage is horrible. Anyone who actually owns one or repairs these for a living give me any better information please?

code tester states p0445

When they hit me, the steering wheel jumped out about 4-5 inches. Since then I can move it in and out about an inch in a telescoping manner. There is no problem with steering.

took vic. to car wash and after washing im having troubles turning from a stop. P.S. fluid is full belt is good. when at speed no troubles turning. It is stiff then easy the stiff again. have not had any troubles before and on way to car wash only after.

if I let it warm up sometimes it will go into drive sometimes it takes 30 minutes to get into gear

I noticed a miss or hesitation when i got out of the truck i now have a tap ...79000 miles second owner mobil one oil this is my third nav never had this b4 ...very please

then engine shut off. Engine will start but appears to loose compression and will only accelerated to approx 20 mph. 90,000 miles on odometer.