It has just started but I'm scared now. Is this going to get worse, should I have it get looked at right away? It's happened 2 days straight now.

the problem started two months ago and is yet to be solved

So what do I need to do to fix this problem

When I start the car and close the doors i can hear the suspension pump turn on, right behind the passenger headlight. After a few min of running the check air suspension message turns on and the pump turns off. The front is fine but the rear end is low and makes for a bouncy ride. I've read about a leveling relay or switch but can not find location.
Thank you in advance.

My running board on the passenger side is not going up but I can hear the motor trying, is there a way to tighten it up or what should I do.

Just had a new battery installed

My mechanic told me that I need transmition control modul,cost $3000 .my Lincoln is in Europe,no one really know haw to repair this car .... I apreciate any one with advice,thank you

If I try to back up an uphill slope, car goes forward, have to shift back and forth before I finally can backup, dangerous issue

it started as a slight scraping and only once in a while now its really loud. any suggestions what it might be?

but will shake and lose power at rest or light

I have had oil and filter changed because two mechanics told me the oil weight was wrong and I was not getting enough lubrication to the tappits. Nothing changed. I still have this noise. No wqrning or engine lightscome on ar still runs smooth. Could this be from towing my trialer?

My 2oo7 Lincoln gets stuck in park sometimes. Why?