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My running board on the passenger side is not going up but I can hear the motor trying, is there a way to tighten it up or what should I do.
My mechanic told me that I need transmition control modul,cost $3000 .my Lincoln is in Europe,no one really know haw to repair this car .... I apreciate any one with advice,thank you
If I try to back up an uphill slope, car goes forward, have to shift back and forth before I finally can backup, dangerous issue
it started as a slight scraping and only once in a while now its really loud. any suggestions what it might be?
I have had oil and filter changed because two mechanics told me the oil weight was wrong and I was not getting enough lubrication to the tappits. Nothing changed. I still have this noise. No wqrning or engine light...
My 2oo7 Lincoln gets stuck in park sometimes. Why?
There is 59000 miles on it and the last 2 mornings the truck did not want to turn over. it eventually did, and would start fine in the work parking lot on my way home after sitting for 10 hours. This same issue happ...
I went to "setup" and it is turned on. I checked what I think is the correct fuse. Help please!
the fuel pump is located where in a 2007 navigator and how much time it take to replace one
how much will it estimate cost to replace the fuel rest switch and fuel pump on a 2007 navigator and where is the reset switch located
the airbag motor wont come on