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I have checked the brake lights and they work. I checked the fuse panel for failures and there were none. I used the manual over ride to grt the Lincoln into gear so I could move it.
It is so strong with the sulfur smell we can hardly ride in it.
Why is there a hissing noise like air escaping when I release my foot off of the brake pedal after a stop? The sound is so obvious that I have had passengers ask about the noise. When taken to the dealer they said t...
I received and installed the most recent Navteq navigational system disc from the dealer after the dealer installed the car routes to the longest route from beginning address to ending address. The dealership tried t...
sometimes when i turn on rear air it makes a sound like a solenoid clicking in and out. it blow cold air.trying diff. fan speed and does not affect the problem at all.
works with key or from inside but will not open by use of latch
When does catalytic converters need to replaced on 2005 Lincoln navigator?
My navigator stopped running after hitting a pothole. I was told by dealership that my timing chains needs to be replaced and that they would have to take the entire out of truck to check them. Is there any possibili...
the radio will just stop working sometimes you can turn it off and then back on and it will play again then sometimes it will take awhile before it starts working again please help
When first starting, front air is not working. Sometimes it comes on after a while (few minutes) and the last time it did this, it seemed to turn itself on and off repeatedly. Air temp is 90 and air set to "auto".
replaced both wheel hub assemblies cost me $1000 said each part was over $400