I have a 04 Lincoln Navigator, today it started puttin then shut off. Low oil pressure came on. Put oil and coolant in! Drive couple miles then shut off again. I started going to a new gas station thats 30 cent less then other gas stations in area
Could this be a problem? Did it mess something up or will it act right once better gas get in it?

i just change my lincoln navigartor the toque converter 5.4 , i put a torque converter 7.2 ,.will be any problem ? i feel sometimes like my car is going 120 km/h i and without i put too much gas

Miles an hr. I was thinking maby manifold or she valve, does have an vacuum leak but my mechanic says its an egr replacement or connector plate issue, no part store seems to know what he means but he's standing by the diagnosis. Lost!

Does not seem to lose any power. I was told that if it were plugs or injectors it would do it all the time. I was also told that my torque converter could be going out and to add friction modifier to solve the problem. Could it possibly be a my fuel filter?


I bought this car used. The air ride system was replaced with a standard suspension system. When I put my scooter carrier (with scooter) on the rear hitch I get a swaying motion at speeds over 40 MPH. I have used this carrier on Honda mini vans as well as Ford Expeditions without any problems. By replacing the air system do I now need to add a sway bar or some other components? I noticed that the carrier is about 3" higher on this car otherwise everything else is the same.

When driving my 2004 navigator, it bounces up an down when driving over dips in the highway. The vehicle has an air suspension system. The navigator isn't sagging low in the rear. Air seems to be going into the air bags. What might be the problem?

Escalade, or Lexus gx470.. I'm looking to buy another truck and I'm afraid of maintenance costs?

Hey everyone anyone who can be of some assistant! I have 2004 Lincoln Navigator and it is leaking from the back over my exhaust! its leaking what seems like to be coolant, because after a while my car runs hot so can anyone someone help me out please!