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I had to remove Relay Fuse because it was draining my battery what is the problem? Why wont my lifts work. 2002 Navigator.
rear sespension of car is riding real low. leaking air bag,compressor motor, or springs?
I bought this navigator used and the back door doesn't open...not even just the glass part...is there a special way or a trick to it...
after I was done the battery had run down so I jump started it and let it run for awhile to charge it. On Tues morning I started it up and when I went to put in drive it wouldn't Move! The Tach was at 100 and my speed...
as I drive down the road it drive like it is in 4x4 mode and the speedometer reads 4x more then the speed i am going
I just replaced the suspension compressor and now it runs constantly. The shutoff switch will not even stop it, nor does pulling the fuses associated with the suspension system. Need ideas of what could be the issue.
The panel includes the radio panel, steering control panel heat/air control panels throughout truck andI had a tune up and ignition coil and vacuum leak replaced recently. The problem with the interior panel has been...
when the truck is parked it looks like the whole rearend drops.
When I drive the exhaust is very loud and when it's idle it's loud also, I was wondering how much does it cost to fix the problem? Also my six cylinder needs to be fixed too how much would that cost to fix it?
we use to hear the punp running for a minute or so when you first started it up, Ive checked for blown fuses in all the regular places. We can't drive it because the body of the SUV is sitting on the tires. Also can n...
Constant ongoing problem for the last year. At first, the engine light was on, but when they first checked for a vac leak, the light went off. It's been checked for a vac leak twice, which they can't find, but still s...
Have to push on and off the brake a number of times until it releases and after it is out it shifts OK
mechanic says caliper is sticking without road test and needs to replace both calipers
how much does it cost to replace the engine? 5.7