Got to the point whr i have to disconnect battery every time i turn off vehicle....does anyone know what it may be caused or what do i have to replace something a friend mentioned tht it cld just be the dimmer switch tht needs to be replaced? Could tht be the problem? If so how much wld tht cost me.....

my driver side window doesnt work but all others work fine. when i hit the button i here a click down by the fuses and i thought it was the relay 4 cuz when i pulled it out it stopped making the click but i went to napa and bought a new one and put it in same thing happened

The drivers windshield wiper works when it wants to.

It'sjust tturned cold in the last few weeks. Doesn't sound like the starter going bad but doesn'tsound like aanything else I'veever heard.

Fuel low3 miles to e battery dead tried to get a jump but want start

I parked my navigator for one hour then went to start it no go! It doesn't turn over or make a sound but power to the vehicle is good and had got it started by striking the starter solenoid.

battery will not stay charged. I was hold the body computer has a short in it. Is this posabule.

im about to throw n the towel any suggestions

it's doing is making a tiking sound and that's it. I replaced the starter alternator and the starter solenoid And Now it's not starting and

Shakes when idling and engine light blinks when I get on the highway.

there is some kind of box that was rubbing against it. I believe this box housed the sensor for my front air ride that was disconnected when I got converted to shocks in the rear but the box was never mounted back it was pushed out of the way. Over time it has produced a groove and fails the state safety inspections. I also had a front end collision and was wondering if that could be a cause for the box or the mechanic just didn't mount it back

I. Have tail lights ut nothing more on the rear. Of the car