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I turn the knob on the dashboard and put it in 4 wheel low and now its stuck and won't come back out
smell like anti freeze...
I have to put the car in the number2 or 1 and then shift it to regular drive after I get my speed up to 45-50mph. And it is a 2000 Lincoln navigator.
Truck was running hot leaking from radiator what do u think it is
I have changed the thermostat and water pump. It only runs hot while going about 70mph occassionally
Where is it located on a 2000. Lincoln Navigtor
The oil is good and was always checked.
When I push up arrow the driver side doors unlock but the passenger doors do not unlock
The arrow lights up on the dashboard when it is turned on but the arrow does not blink
goes on and off in intravals of five also the gear indicator on dash does not work...
2000 lincoln nav. check engine light is on. Computer is reading 6 different codes pertaining to o2 sensors, bank 1 and 2, fuel too rich,
I was only going 15 mph. Shifting seemed not good. Added 5 gallons premium fuel. Ran better. Speedometer acted normal. rpm jumped at times. light still on. running rough. made it home. Where do I start to fix this?