Idle air control valve replaced, fuel filter replaced, plugs look great. Will die on freeway at 65 mph or in drive through at idle? No check engine light or trouble code.

Usually occurs when it sits in idle for a short period, or when I back out while turning hard and stop.

I found replacement window on ebay, and it apparently come in an entire window assembly...glass, chrome etc. How do you replace the window?

I have checked fuel button in trunk. The cam sensor. It turns over just wont start. How can you check to see if it jumped time?

All Bulbs good. Drivers side turn signals dont flash, indicator inside does not either.

Had car at dealer for an intermittent not starting when cold. Picked it up after they did nothing and went through the car wash to get the salt off the car. Mid way through the wash the fan stopped blowing hot air. Would not react to me turning the dial up or down.

This morning on the way to work the fan would sputter on for a few seconds randomly and shut off quickly. On a 30 minute ride this happened 3-4 times.

Any ideas?

I decided the control module was bad, replaced it with a used one, still no warm air. I also have no signal to the AC, which was one of the reasons I replaced the control, but getting heat is the first order of business.

Many thanks

Where is the module located?

The headlights stopped working (come on sporadically), air bag light comes on once in awhile, "check charging system" on the display, heater shuts off sporadically (display and fan), no cruise control, battery has been dead twice, but most of the time has plenty of juice to start, jut all these intermittent problems. A friend said it is likely the "black box" in the trunk or under the driver's seat. My biggest concern is the headlights. What is likely the problem and is there a way to at least get the headlights working if the major repair would be too costly?

I recently had both front and rear bags replaced. I wasn't having trouble but with 120k on it thought I'd be proactive. Rear is fine but there is a leak in front. No problem while driving but after system shuts down it will gradually leak out. All new solenoids came with new bags. How do I accurately check front for leaks