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I noticed check engine light on when I got home yesterday. Then last night I drove about a mile car sat for an hr or so. When I tried to start it it wouldn't it has good battery,gas,and tries to start but won't.
It loses power and cuts off while I'm driving, The check engine light stays on.
I have a burnt valve and it's producing thick white smoke coming from my right tail pipe.
The upright tilt switch will now not return the seat back support into the normal upright position.
Once back door is open it won't shut ... freezes open. I can eventually close it after an hour of trying various things. Also both back door won't automatically unlock ... have to manually unlock from inside ?
It causes my battery to go dead. Is it a bad module ? which one?
In the past 2 months I have replaced front brake lines, rear brakes and the rebuilt transmission. My car doesn't feel like it is going to stop when breaking, especially slow speeds. When it stops I can feel the petal ...
when I start the car the right rear will not air up, what could that be, will t cost a lot to fix?
i was told it was my light cntrol module (lcm) does that sound right and could i put it on my self?
I know a remanufactured unit would be wiser choice, but cant afford it, i plan to sell this immediately before other things such as the air ride/steering/suspension in general begin to fail more Id like to make sure ...
car was towed to me earlier for repair and the tow truck driver didn't turn off the switch in the truck for the air ride suspension now the rear of the car is up real high and stiff any suggestions