So what's wrong with the a/c not working and how much is this going to cost to fix.

Air suspension not working


Car is reading multiple miss fire

mystery problem/ changed thermostat 3x, took out water pump and checked /ok//replaced with new radiator//did coolant test to checked for blown head gasket, negative, checked all hoses,ok. it will not overheat while idling for an hour,but as soon as you drive it 5 minutes it overheats. high and low fans working correctly

radio go off, traction control warning light comes, the headlights go out and sometimes the car cuts off

I checked the fuse for the rear window defroster, and found it to be OK. About an hour later, I got in the car to go run an errand, and the digital dash was out. I have checked all of the fuses under the dash and in the engine compartment. Ideas?

During acceleration it chugs

When I push on my breaks they are hard and make the traction sound

Just had a compressor put on for Ac since then the trac light comes on an it shuts down.Pushing the trac light has no effect.