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I hear and feel air coming out of the compressor
My battery Keeps going dead. So after using an amp meter to locate what keeps draining my battery, I go to start my car and the dash lights and gauges won't work and it is extremely hard to steer. I cant find what fus...
i replaced the thermostate ,it made no difference,it still blows cold it worked 2 days ago now nothing but cold air
so i changed the thermostat but made no difference what next the climate control in the dash?
I'm overheating sometimes, there is fluid in the reservoir but the engine has very little once it cools down.
My car will turn but not stay on. Lights work.
It also pull to the right when i brake. I looked under the carriage an saw that a rod is loose and turning.
where is fuel nfilter
The key fob won't unlock the car, neither will the actual key. And my keyless entry number won't open it either....HELP
Car makes athumping noise under dash now it is heating up