The heater works fine but when we turn on the air conditioner it only blows out hot air. I tried to recharge the A/C with car refrigerant from an auto store, but when I followed the directions the refrigerant would not leave the can. We tested the can on another car and it worked fine. What is the problem and can I fix it myself?

When I start the car and drive it runs rough and when I try to accelerate it hesitates and accelerates very slowly.

Started a while ago

plugged all air lines from pump

after key is turned to on and start position. also is there a power dist box located in trunk.and is there a fuel pump relay under hood

If i disconnect the positive battery post for a while and hook it back up it will act normal but as soon as I turn the ac on this high in fan will come on and stay even if I shut the ac off

Service engine soon light on top hose on radiator is puffed up after about a thirty minute drive i been putting it in neutral at lights and stopsigns too try amd give it a rest

Just got the car and code will not work. Suspect the fuse. Any ideas?

earlier i got the code po113

I have a '99 Lincoln Continental with 74500 miles on it. Am wondering about routine maintenance which got me wondering about the timing chain.

I was at an auto shop and they told me i need a new timing chain and that the cost of labor and parts is going to be $2,200.. is this a fair price?