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my car has been sitting for approximately one and a half years it has not been started in over a year now I would like to put the car back on the road I brought a new and cables because they were corroded gas and star...
Is there a fuse I can pull to stop this? The warning goes off when I push the reset. The reservoir is totally full. I don't want to replace the tank with the sensor. I was afraid to pull any fuses as it might mess up ...
I have had the "check ride control" light checked out at auto shop and confirmed both rear air bags are leaking and need replacement. Special tools required?
there is no water leaking out and belt is spinning around water pump cant even drive it two blocks without it over heating
What is the problem with my car, it feels like the brakes are engaged when I'm driving?
The fluid is up to the point and the light still comes on.
The car also feels like bouncing specially when hits a bump, the right air strut is leaking, do I have to change everything or just that specific one. Is this dangerous to drive like this, also the car of course is lo...
New plugs, battery, alternator, pcv,just started in last 2 weeks slow to start (6-8 trys)Always use premium.
New plugs, alternator, battery, PCV, air filter, fuel filter. May take 6-8 trys to start when cold. When hot first try, just started happening in last 2 weeks. Always use premium gas.