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Starts and runs fine after sitting a few hours or immediately after cutting off, but if I try to start it 10 min to 2 hrs after driving, it will not idle and will stall unless I rev the engine cosntantly for about 3...
It does not do this very often, maybe once every two too tree weeks. Any suggestions. Does it when the engine is both hot and cold.
Replace catalytic converter after flex pipe ,had two different ways to instal,if you had air tube or without air tube.
why would they not have another part for this they have egr line for all cars before and after the 97.
They no longer make them they have no alternative part my car is dead without it, what can I do?
No start condition. Cranks at high speed but no spark or fuel injection. Always the crankshaft position sensor. I also replaced harness and CCM relay.
Problem has been temporarilly solved by replacing crankshaft position sensors (8) and/or harnesses (2). Once a drop from tow vehicle allowed it to start. Another time I hurled my body against front end and shock fo...
At first it was just having erratic shifting while in OD, so I started drining it in drine and seemed fine .today went about 20 miles in drive, drove fine.went to leave and car would not go into any gear at all?
My car gives me steering options - plush, firm, etc. The cost of that replacement rack and pinion is VERY expensive and I really dont' use the options. So, can I put a regular rack and pinion in my car that wouldn't...
Switched off and restarted the engine - the power steering then OK. Happened again a few days later What is the likely cause?
My rear shocks had came up very seldom for a while then one night while they were trying to come up I could here something soundin like its tearing up under the hood. Ever since my rear shocks wont budge, its low to ...