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Anything i could do from the hood to open doors
I changed the tranny fluid and filter, linkage is fine and fluid shows on dipstick but it seems there is no fluid getting to torque converter? anything else I can do without pulling tranny out?
I have a 94 lincoln cont cant get the wiper relay out? Dont know how to put it in either, help. Thank u. Tonia c.
This first time this happen. I bought car over year ago. I was on way home made left turn onto dirt rd and it was like my power steerin went out. Steerin wheel was stiff and didnt really turn @ all. Then make it home ...
My 1994 Lincoln Contental is dragging and a bumpy ride
Tried to put air in manually from my compressor it still did not move at all is there a sylenoid that would stop all four wheels from going up ? It holds pressure when I take it apart it releases
I used to ger about 20 miles to the gallon, now I only get about 13. Could it be the oxygen sensor?
Sometimes when I stop the engine runs above idle especially when I make a quick stop after accelerating away from a light or stop sign. How do I correct this?
we just bought this car and it drives great for about 20 minutes and then it has a hard time going into 1st gear when you come to a complete stop, otherwise it shifts smoothly
i replaced the head gaskets and cannot find timing marks so how do i reset the timing