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i bought car with bags an pump gone, I need to keep eng,lite off to smog. I know the ride control has nothing to do with smog. But the ride control lite does trigger the eng.lite on.
While driving the car and waiting at a light, the engine died. No hesitation or sputtering, it just stopped. After sitting 10-20 minutes, the engine starts back up. It did this 6 times in a 90 minute time frame. Mech...
Change plug wire cap rotor wires checked codes none cracked fuel psi fine
I've replaced the fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel injectors and I have 40psi on the fuel rail. I have plenty of spark but it still seems like its not getting any fuel to the cylinders. Any ideas?
that when he was driving it home it appeared to overheat and just die on him. Does this vehicle have the auto kill switch that kills the motor if it becomes overheated? I was told this car has been sitting for 3-4 yea...
Check DCL light came on then went off. Next the Ride control warning light started having a life of its own. the low oil pressure light decided to join in from time to time, regardless of how much oil is actually in t...
What is the best way to go about changing the power steering line that runs from the rack to the front of the Engine.
There is a trail on floor when I drive into my driveway.Also the other day I found that my powersteering pump was almost empty.I'm not getting the squeeky sound when I turn.I need help.
my car has the light on for cruise control all the times
Drove car on a short ride. When I parked it I held the RPM'S up for a little while. Engine died, retarts but dies when key is released