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installed new fuel pump at times have no fuel pressure at the filter that screws on to pump it is dry if you try to start it on carb clean it starts after a while it will have fuel pressure again poss issue with pump ...
car starts, will run as long as gas pedel is pressed. take foot off the engine shuts off.?????
Where can I find a Proportion Valve and switch for 1991 Lincoln Continental
who can help with rebuilding my original engine as the car runs but has some issues with the engine after 50 years i need an honest opinion thanks ,michael,443-683-0012
is a licoln continental supposed to have a donut ring in between the manifold and the exaust
how do you remove a power steering pump from a 1991 lincoln continental.And will a power steering pump from a 1993 lincoln continental fit a 1991 lincoln continental.
I have air suspension in my 1991 Lincoln Continental now, which does not work. I would like to change this to regular suspension. Could you give me an estimate of that. Thanks
replaced steering pump, still no power steering.
the air conditioner doesn't come on all the time, or the compressor doesn't kick in all the time. When working it is cool or even cold. If temp is on automatic, if it is 85 degrees in the car it will come on right awa...
I want to recharge the ac system. My questions are 1) is the low pressure connection against the firewall under a plastic housing and 2) Does this car take R134?
The Car has ben sitting for about two year. I put a battery in it and nothing start; it continues to sit on the ground.What do i do,or can i do?
riders power seat will not come back up when reclined. all other positions (up, down forward,back etc.) will adjust with power. its only the reclining position that will not work with power switch on door panel.
my car died on me last week and i recently put a new computer and it wont start, i also put a module control sensor, a coil a fuel pump a fuel filter a tumbler , ignition switch and the main module connected to the c...