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lost the keys. I believe its takes the same key as the ignition ,is this so ? locksmith service call is $300.00 plus parts.I can just take in the door lock and have him make a key right?
How do I drain some fluid when the top and trunk are down and froze shut? I had it working , now it wont open at all. Lupoli
brake petal goes all the way to the floor, no fluid on tire or on the ground.
My mother died and left me her beautiful old Lincoln. Can't change flat tire due to locking lug nuts. I have NO idea where to find the key. Please, help? Have car serial #.
started this morning ..went to wrk ... turned it off would not start back up ... after wrk wouldnt start ..then it started .. got hm .. now it wont start... tried wiggling the batt wires .. looked for loose wirer... t...
I assume I have a plugged drain line, but I am not able to locate the drain. Can anyone tell me where it is located. Please note I am talking about a 1986 Lincoln Continental not a 1990. I had to select 1990 because t...
need step by step details on removal of power steering pump & resivoir 4 replacement
wats the deal, y does it not want to start when cold
wen i put car into gear it doesnt move jus put trassmission fluid in 5 min ago
I drive a 1989 Lincoln Continental and i need to change the rear brake pads, but there is a circle thing I believe is the master something that will not turn or come out. I need help please. How do you change the rear...
The lights where it shows what speed i'm going, how much gas I have, and all of that won't light up when I start the car