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Try to start it just clicks.done it once before used the spare key it started starting again.no its back to click click then sometimes not even a clip k..started this morning first try drove to the store shut it off n...
tool reqirements
My mechanic told me those light flecks in the pan in front of the radiator mean it's going to crack. The metal on top is dark, and in front it's lighter showing fine lines which mean it will soon leak and lose coolan...
Is there a safty shut off on a 1997 lexus sc400? If so where would that be located at?
Where is the fuel pump relay located on a 1997 lexus sc 400?
My air conditioner qiut working, blower; compressor; display everything and it is not the fuse, what can I check next.
where can i get a manual like chilton for my sc400 that will give me instructions on interior, body and mechanical.
the up and down on my power tilt just quit, how can i fix this problem myself
how much would it cost to replace a rack and pinion on the lexus sc400