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why do these blow and how long do they last or should last after u replace it..how much does it cost to fix
how much does it cost to fix and why does it blow out???
the heat works when it wanna work...i see that is a common problem...wondering how to fix it and how much??
car dont move when i have the key turn on the engine it donot start can you tell me what happing thanks
Looking to buy 92 sc400... seller says was all power, then extreme loss of HP. I previously owned 95 sc400 and know what it should feel like. (extremely responsive) It will barely go, yet does not smoke at all. There ...
replaced a bad drive axle,and went to test drive,only to find the drivers side front brake locks up I put it in drive.I can put it in reverse with no problem,as soon as I shift to drive it locks up????
My car wont turn when i tried to start it. I charge the battery and even jump it, it just click click click but inside it looks like the battery is dead the lights are dim and horn won't work. I'm sure i have the fu...
This is my first Lexus sc400 and I love the car. At first I thought it was a starter coil problem so I replaced it. But now my problem persists. It will crank but not turn over, I think it might be a fuel system probl...
The inside door handle has broken on my 1992 SC400 Lexus.
Out of nowhere my car just went, bad smell in gas, hard vibrating, and wouldnt stay idle. I had to press on the gas just to get it to stay in idle. The check ingine light is on but is not getting any codes. Ive change...
welll i usually fill up my thank on thursday and by sat or sunday is half way i only drive it to work and back i live in inglewood nd work at the lax airport so its no that much of a long drive.
The fuel line broke when changing the fuel filter. how much will that be.
every time over a bump i can feel the car hitting real strong is like the front end is about to hit the ground i recently replace the struts so i do not know what else need to be done?Thanks
What kind of recharge kit would i need to buy to recharge my ac. It no longer blows cold.
The dash led lights have become dim or not at all. I was told the only to repair was to replace the dash assembly.