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The car and rpm goes up really high like some is stepping on the gas pedal.
my rpm needle goes from 2000 and drop to 1000 rpms up and down constancely and it travel about 45 mph w/out putting my foot on the gas.I have perchased a position throttle sensor and still have the same problem.
All the others work and I am wondering if this can be fixed or need to be replaced.
My car was running 3 weeks ago then I had to take it for some body work we have checked fuel and thats good but there is no fire to the coils
the pump has been replaced also the alternator. I need to look at a drawing of the system please.
my car will only go in gear if i push the shift lock override button. how do i disengage this?
brake lamps dont turn on
sometimes my clock changes, and when i use my blinker the radio cuts out for a second. sometimes when i hit the brake the radio cuts out for a second. can see dash lights slightly dim when i hit the brake. doesn't alw...
Wher is the port located to recharge the A/C
This comes on, Intermittently and in on or off position
the passenger window failed 1st, few months later the driver window failed. I don't drive to school anymore cause the windows won't roll. What can I do. I was told it may cost $1800 to fix.
removed 2 plugs black like running rich, checked fuel regulator ok no fuel in vacuum line, no codes.could it be m.a.f. sensor?
wondering how much would it be to replace it ..wondering if anybody had to replacement a radiator on there sc400...157,000miles on it
wanna know how many diffenernt reason it could be...how much does this usually cost