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every couple of days or so especially when cold but does do it when warm out also?
All dash lights go off and the radio. Sometimes the ABS light comes on and all lights go off when the brake is pressed. Often they go off and come on many times and at other times they do not go off the entire trip....
I go to start my car and all I get is a clack clack clack noise. I jumped it and went around the block twice and when I went to park it just turned off again. Tried starting it and all u got was clack clack clack again.
Seems to be uncertain of what great it wants to be in, sometimes starts from a stop, in over drive, had 3 mechanics look at it, threw no codes, and drives perfectly fine for them,....but fits on me 3 miles after I pic...
The overdrive does not engage sometime causing the engine to rev at high RPMs?
A/c or the heater won't turn on. No power on the display panel. Tried tracing out the fuses but no luck so far.
Just had oil changed, noise starts at 30 mph plus, it stops when we get slower than 30 mph. Thought maybe hose had been kicked loose, couldn'd confirm that. Noise sounds like the speedometer cable is going bad (tap ...
i can put my control on heat and i turned it to max but it doesnt ever get hot,what is wrong?
My rear seat belt on the passenger side does not lock. Can i lubricate the lock or just replace it