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I need to remove the passenger seat so I can get to the engine ecm. Is there a fairly easy way to do this?
Does anyone know the location and removal process of the engine ECM on my 94 Lexus SC 300? Can I get the part number off it before removal?
I just checked my trouble code and got a 14 (ignition signal). Does anyone know the things to check for?
I just replaced the mass air flow sensor which made my car run smooth...except when I give it just a little throttle. It chugs for a few seconds and dies. Also the shift points in the transmission are screwed up. A...
A while back I posted a question about my car not wanting to stay running and would "chug". Took it to my mechanic and had the fuel filter replaced and he found a loose plug wire which would cause the starting proble...
Does anyone know what the fuel pressure is suppose to be on a 94 Lexus SC 300?
My car started fine and then the other day went out to start it and wouldn't start. Checked the battery and it is fine. Also I have power to the rest of the electrical components, headlights, radio, etc.
Do you know anything about a GF Chip? Are they as good as they say they are?
Where does the cabin air filter located and how does it install? Bought one but doesn't have instructions.
I just purchased a 94 Lexus SC 300 and it needs lift supports for the trunk. It doesn't have them and was wondering where and how they install.
My mechanic thinks it's the fuel pump control module. Says usually if it's the fuel pump the car wouldn't start?
i think i have firing order wrong and car is turning but not starting. the piece of paper on inside with the order is missing.please help.. it is 6 cylinder 3.0 liter
Washed my engine and now my engine runs rough. it has been three days now can not figure out what is wrong, checked the distibutor cap and the coil wires for moisture. just recently changed out the power steering pump...
I have a 94 Lexus with 55k miles. The transmission seems to be stuck in third gear. It won't shift. My brother in law suspects and electrical problem after some research he has done.