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what company offers an extended warranty for my 1993 sc300 with about 152000mile
I need help in taking off the alternator and the belt off my Lexus SC 300 so I can have the Alternator checked out to see if I need to replace it.
air is blowing but it cool air
timming belt sprocket poss with mark face up or down
could someone please tell me what wires are for what on the maf? thank you
For the last 2 years sometimes the windows won't go up or down.Sometimes they are O.K. but more and more often they won't.
How do you replace the interior door handle, it is made of plastic and now I have to roll my window down to open the door to get out.
Replaced distributor, ignition coil, and rotor button.. cleaned distributor cap (wasnt bad). Once after replacing coil (last thing), car attempted to start but only briefly.. HELP
this lexus went the battery went out of juice however, i went to the auto part store i picked up a new one i tried to start the engine nothing happens i cant open and close my locks either
I was unable to loosen the center bolt without turning crankshaft...any advice to keep crankshaft from turning?
How do I get to the drivers side headlamp bulb to replace it?
How does one get to the right front turn signal bulb?