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I drove it yesterday and it was fine. Tried to leave this morning and could not turn the key. I have never known anything like this. Is this a problem Lexus have? My car has 135,000 miles.
The car won't pass inspection because the person in rear can't get out because the lock doesn't work with the power windows. The child lock is off so it doesn't have anything to do with that.
Should I anticipate high service costs? Pros and cons of 2008 vs 2010???
Pull into drive with power steering operating fine. P/S warning light now on and no power assist when attempting to turn wheel
my engine the water pumps was leaking, I have drove this car for five year, and recall after recall, my non hybrid battery drain before the warranty is out, and now, I had to purchase a water pumps. The not so funny p...
my way to work this morning, the check engine light came up. Lexus dealership said the gas cap is not sealing properly that is the reason the light came up and i need to order a new cap. this car has only 35000 miles ...
Is it okay to have another party flush the coolant instead of Lexus?
I have had a problem starting my hybrid about three times now. When I turn the key the "ready light" does not come on. I have taken the key out to try it again and nothing happens. After several attempts it may start ...
Do 2008 Lexus RX400h models have problems with alignment and early tire wear?