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What is the mount? What is the cost to replace both of these? The repair is to Replace Rear Schocks and Mounts
The dealership says to replace the whole nav system, costing nearly $1700. They were unable to make it function properly. Any other options? Surely it can be reprogrammed or repaired. The "zooming around" does ...
My 2007 400h gets terrible gas mileage and has for years. Dealership claims its the cold weather. Its never been tuned. Dealership says the plugs last 100K miles. We are now at 104,000 and the engine runs very rou...
Check ingine light is on with cod obd2
I took it to the dealer here and they said I need to replace the whole headlight assembly. Which cost over $800.00. There should be a way to replace the seal, instead of replacing the headlight assembly.
My car is approaching 100,000 miles, so I would like to replace the spark plugs. Any helpful tips n how to access the spark plugs for removal and replacement is appeciated.
A local shop told my daughter that to do her brakes it would cost $500 per axle. They told her that they replace the rotors when they do the brakes. All she wanted done was to replace the pads.
My check engine light is on and Lexus got a code P0051, P2240, and P2241 A/F sensor B2-S1 open Circuit. Isn't this the oxygen sensor and shouldn't it be coverd under the Emissions Warranty?
Car won't start with headlights on auto