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When it's closed & it rains or I take it through car wash, water leaks in at sunroof & sun visor mounts I am concerned about mold growing in head liner
I know they have recall/replace the dash on other vehicles. My dash is all cracked and I'm afraid the air bag will pop out if it gets any worst. Thank you
It happened twice in 3 months during 3-4 hour extend trips driving at turnpike speeds. If feels like a tire is seperating it is so strong of a bumping noise. I pulled off, saw nothing obvious and everything was fine ...
I just had the relay switch replaced for $507 and was told it would last approx 6 months before I would have to replace the compressor & relay for approx $3,000. Is this true?
Hi, after a general service my car's traction light came on, then the car would not start - the service team took my car away to be assessed in safe mode. it has been two weeks now and they cant figure it out? anyone ...
If AFS light is flashing and the AFS button on the dash does not turn it off, what is wrong?
Sunday night I was driving down an interstate and I started hearing loud pops like my tires were popping .. I almost lost control. I eventually ended up in the middle median. My RX330 was towed to a garage where th...
need to change thermostat 06 lexus where is it located
vehicle thumps when hitting bumps dealer says i have a worn knucle.
I have upgraded the phone several times and there seems to be poor connectivity between existing bluetooth in 2006 lexus and the newer technology. Very often I get this obnoxious noise when I try to use my newer techn...
My car says I have 0 miles to go but I just filled up. Any reason why this may be happening?
Can anyone tell me if there is a torque requirement on the 33.mm nut that is threaded to the spindle in front of bearing hub assembly on a 2006 Lexus RX330
Can rotors become too rusted to turn?