recommendations from lexus: repair transfer assembly, power steering pressure hose and tube; and repair coolant valley pan. Other than oil leak these are only recommendations and I have no indication that anything is wrong with my RX330 except the oil leak. Do these need to be done or are they just a way for lexus to gain repair work.

Acceleration on my car doesn't work

the VSC, trac off, and check engine lights came on yesterday on my car dashboard, what is the fix?

I was driving down the street and came to a red light, when the light turned green I proceeded about 70 feet or less and the car just snatched. I thought it was a flat tire so I got out and realized it was not a flat tire, that's when someone told me that they seen smoke coming from the rear wheels. I looked at the tires and it showed that they had locked up and skidded. Now the car refuses to go forward due to the rear end being locked both sides. I was forced to call Triple A to flatbed my car whereas they had to put pieces of plastic underneath each rear well in order to slide the car onto the flatbed. By the way thank you very much pushrod

New tires and had them re-balanced yesterday. No warning lights on dashboard. Thanks...bob

When I turned the air conditioning on for the first time this year, the passenger side air is cold, so I know the air conditioning is working. But the driver side is cool at best, not hot, but certainly not cold like the passenger side. Cycled the mode several times thinking a vent door or flap is stuck closed some where...checked cabin filter....suggestions?

Problem was intermitten and has become persistent in past month. Brake light switch was replaced @ dealer in the past 6 months. All other functions are normal.

Sound maybe like flat spot on tire?

Temp's are below zero - problem coincides with frigid temp's. Do I need to take the car I or is it reasonable that it's simply just too cold?