what causes the shifter to jam?

Have no brake lights!

i wrongly interchanged battery terminals

Transmission issue began about 2 wks ago on road trip (ie., car rapidly accelerated, gears wouldn't shift, and made slight squealing sound. Had it diagnosed & received codes P0770 & P765, I think. Moreover, I also received code P1135 but I believe that was for a O2 sensor, don't know if that's related. Anyways, the following day started car without problem but haven't tried to drive it since. In fact, I had car transported back home to be safe. Is it okay for me to try to add transmission fluid to see if this helps? Also what is the avg.cost of repair? I don't have a warranty so I'm trying to determine if the car's value is worth the cost of repair. In addition, I'm concerned if there will be more costly problems as a result of this major transmission issue. Please advise!!

While on my first roadtrip, post rebuilt tranny, I could feel a slight hesitation in speed. It's almost like the car had a hiccup. There are no warning lights on, I had my fluids checked before I left. I'm slightly concerned because we have a 600 mike return journey home today and it's just myself and my mom.

The audio is only working intermittently. It is getting power, and the fuses seem to be okay. The radio, cd, and tape players act like they work, but no sound comes out, not even crackles.
Also, possibly unrelated, but the back right door lock will not work with the power locks.
Any ideas on what what this might be, or how to fix it?

my rx300 was involved in a single car rollover accident, with what appears to be little to no structural damage as well as obvious dents and cosmetic issues such as pushed in windshield and no side view mirror, is the car worth putting the money in to fix?

Because the oil did not register I added extra oil. What are the ramifications

about a month ago, i noticed at certain times when i accelerate from a complete stop that a loud groaning noise occurs. Sounds like it's on the right side. Has new brake pads and rotors so it's not that. My husband drove it around and doesnt do it for him. It does it at random. At first i thought it was the slick old tires, but it did it today twice after i just put on new tires. It only happens when you accelerate.