2000 Lexus RX300 Questions

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The only way to get vehicle to go into gear is to manually do it from the switch under the truck. This has happened several times what is the problem

How can i fix screeching noise in fan area when starting car-goes away after 1 minute

have only had it for 3 mos, put 3,000 miles on it and had trani serviced and checked and said i should have no problems and all i would need is oil change. mechanic today said oil and water are fine. each time i start vehicle white smoke comes out of exhaust, after running for awhile it subsides. has only happened twice, once this am, not after i filled it w gas, and then 15 minutes later after a 5 min pit stop it did it again? help...throwing no codes?

Labor cost to repair mast

My floor was wet and watering when raining recently found, it seems from winshird. Hhow can I fix this problem? Or I have to send to the dealer to repair this problem? Many hnaks

I replaced the starter yesterday.

I just purchased a 2000 Lexus rx300, it sat for close to a year, I put a new battery in it, it starts right up, idles like a new car, but when I went to drive it, if u give it gas it spits and sputters and won't go anywhere, let off the gas and it idles just fine.... Has anyone had a similar problem??? This is the first Lexus I've owned, it could be numerous things, I'm mechanically inclined but was hoping someone had similar problems and new the solution..... Any info would be greatly appreciated....

The locks on the SUV have to be locked manually. None of them will open or close with the automatic unlock/lock function on the key. The only lock that works correctly is the tailgate lock. I have looked on other forums and it seems this is a common occurrence with the 2000 RX 300.

I ck it have following cods p1130 air/fuel sensor ,circuit bank 1 sensor 1 MOD 10 , P0300 random mis Fire dectected pending, P0303 cylinder 3misfir decked landing MOD 10 ,P0305 cylinder5 mis Fire dectected MOD10 ,P1130 air/file sensor pending MOD 10. I have replaced all spark plugs spark plug ignition coils also replaced O2 bank1 sensor1 but still have all the above cods

doesn't do it all the time and when it does act up od does not work.keeps throwing codes like miss fires,coolant closed circuit and more.had maf replaced,coolant sensor,timing belt and coils and plugs.acts up more under 50mph.will be driving and just like you turned key of then on quickly.every thing else stays on like radio and electronics,but motor just cuts out.spent 2000. already.